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Cliff Scott-Williams

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Cliff Scott-Williams

Artist Bio


Cliff Scott-Williams was born in South Africa and grew up near the coast before moving to the city of Johannesburg to finish high school and go on to his tertiary studies. He grew up with an older brother and father who both had engineering minds and a love for photography. In the early 1990’s, Cliff took photography classes with a renowned South African photographer and has been in pursuit of capturing unique perspectives of the world around him ever since.


In 2007 Cliff left Africa behind and moved with his family to Chicago.  While in Chicago, Cliff’s photographic talents were stimulated and refined by the prevailing culture and highly active photographic community.  It was here that Cliff first gained recognition for his work when several of his images were recognized and awarded by Capture My Chicago - 2 of which were published in the Capture My Chicago III book.  Since then, dozens of his images have received accolades and awards on international websites.


In addition to producing high quality work, Cliff also gave back to the community by leading photo walks around the city of Chicago and helping out at the annual Out of Chicago conference.  In 2015 Cliff played a key part in planning the Chicago leg of Trey Ratcliff’s ( USA tour.


In late 2015 Cliff and his family moved Cary, NC.  With a whole new environment, he continues to live his passion for capturing the beauty around him.  He continues to develop his skills and knowledge and regular attends photo workshops and meetup groups.  He is also part of a The Arcanum – a return to the days of master and apprentice where he has studied under renowned photographers such as Karen Hutton, Ron Clifford, and Don Komaerchka.


Cliff has travelled across 4 continents and within much of the continental US as well Alaska and Hawaii. He loves to capture how light interacts with the environment - whether it’s through vibrant colors, reflections, or shadows. From dazzling views of Vietnam to the happenings on the streets of New York there is always a story to be told.


“As a person with very little traditional artistic talent I derive extreme pleasure in being able to use my technical ability and love of gadgetry to create images of the beautiful and fascinating world around us.  Photography is my artistic release and if the results can be enjoyed by others, so much the better.“

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