Derek Unger

Growing up in Sanford, a small North Carolina town outside Raleigh, I'm one of two sons to caring and hard-working parents who taught me the value of hard work. I delivered ice bags to grocery stores as a kid, bused tables at the local steakhouse in high school, and ran drill machines at a carburetor/fuel injector plant during my summers in college.

Always a lover of art and science, I studied Psychology, Physics, and Forensic Anthropology (dabbling and doodling in art courses of course) during my collegiate years and spent time abroad at school in Northern England.  Since graduating, I've passed most of my professional career in the corporate world, as a Human Resources and IT professional for nearly 20 years.

However, throughout my successful work career, something always seemed to be missing, a void if you will.  Upon reflection, I found my most memorable and enjoyable moments were those spent with family in nature.  Whether sipping fresh apple cider and inhaling the crisp autumn air on the Blue Ridge Parkway, walking barefoot along the tranquil beaches of North Carolina's Outer Banks, driving through the rolling countryside of Normandy, or simply noticing the gentle weep of the willows strolling the Parisian banks of the Seine River, I've always felt most at peace in the presence of nature.

With that, I made a decision.  Since I've pretty much aged out of my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, football player, or Blue Angels pilot, I decided to pursue the next best thing and what I'm drawn to the most.  That being the pursuit of Art and creating pieces representing all the beauty and wonder that is nature and offering these to you. I hope that with this artwork, you too can enjoy and appreciate all that's around you everyday.

But don't get me wrong, while I love art and appreciating the beauty of nature, I'm also a typical everyday guy.  I love sports and action movies. Check that, I ADORE sports and action movies.  In particular, football and my beloved Redskins (HTTR!), practicing martial arts, and James Bond films.  :) I'm married to Isabelle, my beautiful wife of nearly 20 years, and we have two incredibly adorable boys.