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Shiva Sharma


Shiva Sharma was born in Nepal and has been living in North Carolina since 2006. He started learning basic drawing and painting during his high school years. He took some art classes at Fine Arts College, Kathmandu, Nepal while pursuing a degree in management at another college. After college, he ran a sign and photography business for a couple of years, then moved to the USA in 2003, with his wife and two children.


     Shiva mainly works with oil paint medium to create natural landscapes as well as portrait paintings. He uses wet on wet, wet on dry, and oil over acrylic techniques.


     Shiva holds degrees and certificates in Management, Graphic Design and Web Development. Shiva had to spend some time settling in the states, so he was totally disconnected from art for a couple of years, but he had a chance to take some art classes while studying graphic design. After graduating in Graphic Design, he worked as a graphic designer and store artist at Whole Foods Market where he got more chances to learn about drawing and painting. 

     He says, “Creating art is a never ending learning process.” He also adds that his hopes for the future are to learn more techniques and improve his skills.


Commissions welcome!  

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