Yufen Shen


Yufen Shen (沈玉芬)

Yufen’s artwork mainly consist of portraits,
figures, and flowers. Her art works can be
seen in various juried or invitational art
exhibitions in Honolulu. Yufen’s artwork has
also showed at AHM (Asia Hundred Million)
Gallery in Taiwan and often see her artworks
on magazine and newspaper. Yufen lives in
North Carolina, where her studio is also

Yufen was born in Taiwan, and as long as she
can remember has always loved to paint and
draw. She studied drawing, Chinese and watercolor painting during high school, and went on to study applied art at Shih Chien University (Taipei). After graduating, she worked as a graphic designer in Taipei and Tokyo. While working in Tokyo, she also took some visual communication and design evening classes. Then she went to San Francisco to earn her Masters of Fine Art degree at the Academy of Art University, majoring in Multimedia.

Yufen Shen had a successful career working on video game-related and commercial art while
living in California as senior art director, Yufen continued studied figure drawing and often painted on weekends, finding great inspiration to work with many talented artists with different art skills. With that memorable experience in her background, Yufen has since continued drawing, while painting has always been her first love. Yufen moved to Oahu 17 years ago, she was pursuing her dream by focusing on oil painting, and took a number of classes in the Art
School of Honolulu Museum and Zwick Academy of Fine Art. Now yufen is living in North
Carolina and where her studio is also located.

While being able to paint is a great gift, her life goal is to paint well.