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2020 CGA 12th Annual Small Treasures Juried Exhibit

Juror: Lisa Creed

The Cary Gallery of Artist, together with Lisa Creed, our juror, are pleased to announce the

2020 Small Treasures Award Winners !

Juror's Statement

I appreciate the wide range of work submitted for this juried show. I took care when deciding what to accept and how it would all flow together. Small works always have a different intensity than larger works. They draw the viewer in to look closer and to engage on a personal level.

When I was first reviewing the submitted pieces back in March, I was envisioning the pieces ultimately being exhibited in an actual gallery. Needless to say, due to the pandemic, that is not to be. I know that it is


disappointing but to the artists I would say, don’t let it take away from the fact that your work is part of an interesting show. It will now live online. Indeed, it will have a longer show life.

My only regret is that I will not to get to see all this fine work exhibited together in the gallery and that I will not have a chance to meet the artists. Please know that I think that this is a solid showing of a wide variety of style and media.

Award Winners

To purchase an artwork, send email to artist directly.


"Haw River Crossing"

by Matthew Lawlor

Medium: Oil on Wood Panel

13.00" x 10.00"     Price: $800.00

This painting stood out from the beginning. What I appreciate is the fact that this landscape is a mix of realism and abstraction. I am allowed to wander visually from place to place. Even though it is a bright blue day, there is a sense of mystery in the darker places.




by Lynn Alker

Medium: Mixed Media

12.00" x 12.00"     Price: $375.00

Abstraction is challenging. For me, this piece has a pleasing structure as well as a lovely color pallet. I appreciate the white that works as a middle ground and allows for depth. The scratches into the paint add an engaging texture and the sense of "I was here". The touches of orange bring this work to life.



"Crowberry Scramble"

 by JoAnn Pippin

Medium: Watercolor

8.00" x 8.00"     Price: $150.00

The close-up view of the berries and branches is very intimate and personal. I enjoyed being brought to a very quiet and private moment. I am transported to my own walks in the quiet Maine woods.




"Free Falling"

by Ophelia Staton

Medium: Acrylics

12.00" x 12.00"     Price: $175.00

I appreciate the sense of landing safely in a time of unrest. The movement makes this piece exciting.



"Rhino Tears"

by Lauri Daughtry

Medium: RAku Clay

8.00" x 6.00"     Price: $225.00

The sadness and memory of a great animal rings true. The way this piece was created and the abstract structure also supports the meaning.



"Amphibia and Kingfisher"

by Dawn Rozzo

Medium: Mixed Media

8.00" x 8.00"     Price: $285.00

I enjoy the marriage of the words on the page paired with the image of the bird that is staring intensely at me.


Other Selected Entries

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