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Featured Artists Show September 24th - October 26th

Witches, Wizards, and Wood...Oh, My!


Our member artist Tom Terrell will display his functional woodwork.  Wood, resin, and metal pieces are embellished with leaf, liquid metals, inlaid materials, and dyes to add visual interest.  Finishes on wood are just fun!

Girls with Hats!
Guest artist and former member Kathleen Dentinger will showcase a series of acrylic paintings. We are bold, brash, and full of color! We are the “Girls with Hats“!  The girls are the abstracted essence of Carmen Miranda, each with a name and theme.

Final Friday Reception 
Meet our artists on September 24th from 6-8 PM while enjoying a beverage and viewing varied and unique works of art.  Then come back with friends for another look! 
More information is available on our website. 


Exhibit runs from September 24 through October 26, 2021.

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"Most of what I do is turned on a lathe at some point.  There are sometimes other tools involved, but the lathe is usually the key piece.  I believe that everything that I make should be durable and useful.  If I make a bowl, I want it to be able to hold things.  I also cook, so many of my items are food-centric, and several have at their core a design element influenced from some unexpected place.  I will be happy if people gather their families around the table for great times and my bowls, in some small way, add to that experience."

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"I work with acrylic paint and additives. My work often includes textures built of sand, paper and found objects. The yin and yang of light and dark work against each other to create complex dynamics on the surface of the canvas."

Sneak Peek!

Featured Artists Show, October 27th - November 23rd

Beauty of Nature

Sonia Kane & Patricia Buchanan

Sonia Kane Foothills of France, 30x40 web.jpg
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Come and visit the Gallery often as the displays by the artists are ever changing

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Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Disected Sunrise 12x12 (2)-1
Cabin in the woods, 16 x 20 inches
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Lois Blasberg
Tom Terrell
Ancient Secrets
04 Tick-Tock
Peggy Van Arnam DSC_1264
Pearls and Amazonite Necklace 242
SallyTerrell Window to the Soul
000Dove Angel D McNeill_edited
song of the forest
drag fruits half sml
Suzanne Love
Lucky Ducks, 18x24 web