Suzanne Love
The Light Comes copy
Tom Terrell
drag fruits half sml
Blooms at the Linville Viaduct
Peggy Van Arnam DSC_1264
unnamed (2)
Ancient Secrets
04 Tick-Tock
Lucky Ducks, 18x24 web
SallyTerrell Window to the Soul
000Dove Angel D McNeill_edited
Stevenson_Jnet_Opalescent Hosta Bowl_glazed stoneware_6x9x9.5
Disected Sunrise 12x12 (2)-1
Pearls and Amazonite Necklace 242
song of the forest
FullSizeRender (7)
Cabin in the woods, 16 x 20 inches
Lois Blasberg

Welcome to Cary Gallery of Artists!

May Featured Artists ~ 


Diana Hrabosky ~ Colored Pencil

Nature Penciled In

Teri Pohlmeier ~ Beaded Jewelry & Sculptures

Rocks and Trees

The show runs to May 25th

  D i a n a  H r a b o s k y  

Diana Hrabosky.jpg

 Nature Penciled In


“Colored pencil is one of my favorite mediums, even though it’s labor-intensive.  I’ve seen the surprise on people’s faces when they see what that artwork can look like.  Stop by the gallery and see for yourself.  I think you’ll love it! “

More of Diana's work

Hrabosky - Julia Flutterby.jpg
Hrabosky - Neglected.jpg

  T e r i  P o h l m e i e r 


Rocks and Trees


"My jewelry and wire sculptures predominantly  feature semi precious stones. I find them fascinating. So many of these gorgeous beauties were formed under extreme pressure and when found in nature they look plain and unassuming. It is only after being broken or cut that you can start to see their true beauty. 


To me, these rocks, or stones, represent the human spirit and the trees, the seasons of life. Come explore the beauty of the human spirit and seasons of life with me."

More of Teri's work




June Featured Artists ~ 


Diana Coidan ~ Pastels

Earth Water Sky

Tom McKeon ~ Glass Art

Opening Reception May 27th

  D i a n a  C o i d a n 

head shot2.jpg
Coidan_Wait for Me.jpg
Coidan_Palette of Neuse River.jpg

  T o m  Mc K e o n 

Thomas McKeon - Headshot.jpg
After the rain.jpg
Starry Blues(2).jpg

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