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Featured Artists Show

05/26/21 - 06/22/21

Mixed ^ Media

by member artists

Sally Terrell


Tom McKeon

Our new exhibit features Tom McKeon displaying his glass creations using an array of techniques to produce various designs and textures.  Sally Terrell will showcase her talents and fondess for animals and nature using three media: scratchboard, soft pastels, and felt.

Please stop by and experience this month-long exhibit showcasing the extraordinary work of two of our member artists.  

Sally Terrell - Multimedia

Butterfly Kisses - Scratchboard

I have worked in several different media, but I am most fascinated by Scratchboard. I am continually amazed at what can be created with tools and inks to add color. I love playing with values to create a very dramatic piece. I especially enjoy doing animals in this medium, placing them in unusual places or circumstances and giving them personality. 

Tom McKeon - Glass

I love experimenting in glass and often spend as much time testing new processes or working on combining multiple techniques as I do in producing pieces for sale. While many artists use simple sheets of cut glass for their pieces, I also incorporate glass in many other forms such as crushed glass and glass powders just to achieve a unique look.  Much of the inspiration for my pieces comes from just simple observation with an eye toward replicating in glass things I might see anywhere. My goal is to produce works that can be considered one-of-a-kind and cause someone to wonder ‘How did he do that?’. 


Colorful Glass Patterns

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Disected Sunrise 12x12 (2)-1
Cabin in the woods, 16 x 20 inches
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Lois Blasberg
Tom Terrell
Ancient Secrets
04 Tick-Tock
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Pearls and Amazonite Necklace 242
SallyTerrell Window to the Soul
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song of the forest
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Suzanne Love
Lucky Ducks, 18x24 web