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  M a t t  H i r s h e i m e r  

Commissions accepted

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 (914) 844-2273

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Nostalgia, old architecture, memories…contrasting shadow and light.  These are the things that catch my eye and I like to paint.

Ever since I can remember I always had a pencil, pen in my hand doodling something.  


It wasn’t until after college that I started painting seriously.  Through interesting circumstances, I began studying under a master watercolorist. It wasn’t until these lessons that I saw how beneficial outside skill building could help your foundation. I saw my technique and skill set dramatically improve.


Since retiring from my corporate job at Pepsi Cola and moving down to Cary in 2019, I spend my time focusing totally on the business of art…painting what I love.

I take commissions… especially love doing pets.

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