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04/30/21 - 05/25/21

Pottery and Pencils

by member artists

Diana Hrabosky


Sherry Nicholson

Our new exhibit features Sherry Nicholson, an accomplished potter, displaying her newest garden pottery.  Ah, springtime delight!  Diana Hrabosky, who also paints acrylic abstracts, will present a series of colored pencil artwork showcasing texture and color in pleasing detail.

Please stop by and experience this month-long exhibit showcasing the extraordinary work of two of our long-time member artists.

Sherry Nicholson - Pottery

Just a potter making pots,  
small pots, 
large pots, 
round pots,
square pots.
Just a potter making fun.

(And maybe a bust or two.)

Colorful Pots for Air Plants and More

Textured Hanging Pot

Diana Hrabosky - Colored Pencil

Colored pencil, with its array of design techniques, is a perfect medium for the detail, color, and texture that dominate my work.  This series of doors and their handles gave me the opportunity to replicate various surfaces, sometimes challenging but always fun. 

Neglected: Colored Pencil

Decades: Colored Pencil

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