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Oil And Water Do Mix ...With Wood

Opening Reception October 25, 2019

Show runs October 25 - November 26

Featured Artists: Eng Pua, Derek Unger, and 

Tom Terrell

Eng Pua - Watercolor


Detailed and realistic depictions characterize his earlier paintings. His recent paintings, however, place emphasis on expressiveness. To him, how to effectively convey his emotions and feelings about his subjects to the viewer is far more important than just faithfully depicting the details.   

Tom Terrell - Turned Wood and Ink

I love to add contrasting finishes to wood pieces, including bright colors, metal finishes, and acrylic hybrids. I am always happy if people gather their families around the table for great times and my pieces, in some small way, add to that experience. 


Derek Unger - Oil

My goal is the pursuit of Art and creating pieces representing all the beauty and wonder that is nature and offering these to you. I hope that with this artwork, you too can enjoy and appreciate all that's around you every day.