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T o m m a s o  H e l l m a n 

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Understanding the “why” behind her work has been an important part of Angela’s creative process. Being sensitive in nature, she has learned to recognize how even subtle harmonies in color, shapes, visual textures etc can affect herself and viewers. She believes what we choose to look at/surround ourself with affects our thoughts, mind and heart. 


So Angela chooses to focus on things she finds beautiful such as flowers, people and the beach to name a few of her subjects. Her favorite medium is oils, due to its buttery, fluid feel, while she enjoys using bold brushwork to evoke energy and movement.


Growing up, Angela always loved many forms of the arts/creativity and studied painting, starting from a very early age, beginning in Staten Island, then Brooklyn and later in Manhattan, including at the Arts Students League. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Flagler College, in Florida, with a double major in graphic design and fine art. 


Before selling her paintings, which are now hanging in collections across the US, Angela worked as a graphic designer/art director in both NY and NC. Later, she taught elementary art and then became a wife and mom.


Angela is grateful to get to share the beauty and joy she sees through her artwork - it touches hearts, as it touches her heart in creating them.


"Beauty is a worthy thing to reflect upon, surround oneself with and be a part of through its creation. This idea is what draws me time and again to the arts. I use oil paints, rich colors, bold energetic brushstrokes and tender subjects to make paintings that remind us, stir us to be grateful for this positive, joyful part of life."

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