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 C h i p  F r e u n d 

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Chip Freund was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.  He first fell in love with North Carolina on family vacations as a young boy of 10.  It was also around this time that he first picked up a camera.  Throughout his life photography has been one of his passions amid a career in marketing and a growing family. In 2017 the passion became a profession.


Chip has been an active artist in art festivals across the Triangle area. He and his family have called North Carolina home since 2006 and are frequent visitors across the state from the mountains to the coast.


Artist Statement      

I am a landscape and nature photographer who seeks to engage others with the natural world through images.  I find my greatest inspiration in places where water meets land, the water's edge.  Not only are these places rich in biodiversity, they are also some of the most beautiful.

My current projects include capturing the natural beauty within the parks and wild places found in the Triangle and surrounding Piedmont region.  One need not travel great distances to find inspiring subjects.

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