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Diane Starbling

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A native of New York City, Diane Starbling has lived a life of creativity. Beginning with textiles, then exploring wood folk art and small furniture, followed by award winning paintings in watercolor and acrylic, she is currently involved in designing mixed media jewelry. Her work ranges from the Vintage look, to entertainingly whimsical, to the quietly elegant.


Diane’s unique pieces are created from a variety of materials including sterling silver, gold-filled wire, brass, copper, fabric, ceramic, polymer clay, beads of glass, semi-precious stone and pearls. Off-loom bead weaving, using tiny seed beads and Swarovski crystals, also results in stunning pieces. Recently, she has begun to work in fabricated jewelry, as her exploration of materials and techniques continues.


Diane’s philosophy in her work is simple: "My jewelry is designed not just to look great on display—its purpose is to enhance, so that the comment its wearer will hear is, ‘You look fabulous!’ Diane states, “I always feel that each piece will find just the right person to own it."

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