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 L o i s  B la s b e r g 

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Lois Blasberg

I make art because it makes me happy. I love color: dramatic, exaggerated, subtle, ephemeral, reflected - all of it, in all its forms. I want to share the beauty I see and express the joy I feel in creating each piece with the viewer.

I graduated from NCSU School of Design with a degree in Visual Design. After graduation, I spent seventeen years as an art director and designer for the internet and high tech fields. I loved the constant challenge of how to create beautiful functional materials with an ever-changing and growing technology. 

My background in design sparked a love of all things beautiful - color, line, value, composition, design. All these I bring to my paintings. 

I traded in my art direction career for stay-at-home motherhood for many years but continued to work on creative projects during vacations and other small cherished hours. I still missed the regular creative outlet and especially painting. With my child's growing independence I now have time to dedicate to painting. I continue to explore and follow my passion, watercolor.

I will paint for the rest of my life!

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