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 M a r c i a  S t r e i t h o r s t 


Art has always been an exercise in escapism for me. A way to capture the magic and excitement of life in a more permanent form. From a young age I spent hours making up stories and different worlds for me and my friends to get lost in. After winning a handful of local art competitions I started to take my love for art seriously. It was in college that my love for lines and textures began thanks to a wonderfully entertaining printmaking teacher.


Being the first in my family to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in Fine arts, I worked on the corporate side of the art world until my move to North Carolina. Thanks to the move I was given the chance to be an artist full time and since then I have never looked back. It is here in North Carolina that I saw encaustic painting for the first time. I have been smitten with this wonderfuly versatile media ever since.


I am also very involved in the art community in Raleigh. I am or have been a member for the North Carolina Mixed Media Artist Guild, Visual Art Exchange, Wake Forest Guild of arts and help with the arts within my children’s schools. I have had my work featured in galleries in Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut and all over North Carolina. I also love teaching and helping people learn about encaustic art. My studio is a sanctuary full of color, light and magic just like my paintings.

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