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Featured Artists Show

02/26/21 - 03/22/21

If You Heat it,

It Will Flow

by member artists

Marcia Streithorst



Jean Cheely

Marcia Streithorst - Encaustic Painting
Art has always been an exercise in escapism for me. A way to capture the magic and excitement of life in a more permanent form. From a young age I spent hours making up stories and different worlds for me and my friends to get lost in. After winning a handful of local art competitions I started to take my love for art seriously. It was in college that my love for lines and textures began thanks to a wonderfully entertaining printmaking teacher. Being the first in my family to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, I worked on the corporate side of the art world until my move to North Carolina. Thanks to the move I was given the chance to be an artist full time and since then I have never looked back. It is here in North Carolina that I saw encaustic painting for the first time. I have been smitten with this wonderfully versatile media ever since. I am also very involved in the art community in Raleigh. I am or have been a member for the North Carolina Mixed Media Artist Guild, Visual Art Exchange, Wake Forest Guild of arts and help with the arts within my children’s schools. I have had my work featured in galleries in Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut and all over North Carolina. I also love teaching and helping people learn about encaustic art. My studio is a sanctuary full of color, light and magic just like my paintings.

Streithorst_Marcia_song of the forest.JP
Streithorst_Marcia_Mapping the passage o

Jean Cheely -  Kiln Formed Glass

Cheely works to create patterns that reflect the balances/imbalances we find in life. Her works show that nothing is static. She particularly likes working in glass, taking it to a molten state where she can flow the glass to make her design elements in keeping with her intent that life is constantly flowing.

Cheely also casts glass making bold statements about the fragile nature of this world.

She has been working with glass since 2001, learning from nationally and internationally known glass artists. Cheely studied at The Corning Museum of Glass Studio, Pittsburgh Glass, Arrowmont School of Arts and The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. Her work has been exhibited at numerous Fine Art Shows, museums and galleries. Cheely is an instructor at the NCSU Craft center.



Featured Artists Show

04/30/21 - 05/25/21

Pottery and Pencils

by member artists

Diana Hrabosky



Sherry Nicholson

Our new exhibit features Sherry Nicholson, an accomplished potter, displaying her newest garden pottery.  Ah, springtime delight!  Diana Hrabosky, who also paints acrylic abstracts, will present a series of colored pencil artwork showcasing texture and color in pleasing detail.

Please stop by and experience this month-long exhibit showcasing the extraordinary work of two of our long-time member artists.

Sherry Nicholson - Pottery

Just a potter making pots,  
small pots, 
large pots, 
round pots,
square pots.
Just a potter making fun.

(And maybe a bust or two.)

Colorful Pots for Air Plants and More


Textured Hanging Pot

Diana Hrabosky - Colored Pencil

Colored pencil, with its array of design techniques, is a perfect medium for the detail, color, and texture that dominate my work.  This series of doors and their handles gave me the opportunity to replicate various surfaces, sometimes challenging but always fun. 


Neglected: Colored Pencil


Decades: Colored Pencil


Thirteenth Annual

Small Treasures Juried Exhibit

Small Works of Art by North Carolina Artists

March 26-April 24, 2021

Juror:  Ophelia Staton



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