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 S o n i a  K a n e 

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  As a child I wanted to be both an astronaut and an artist because, well, it takes rocket science to paint, right?  Seriously, my passion for space led to a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a career in the Space Shuttle program, all while continuing to dabble in art.  After the birth of my third child, I left IBM and filled every spare moment with creating art. Today, hundreds of paintings later, I’m happy to say that my work has won many awards and hangs in corporate and private collections throughout the US.

What inspires me to paint?  

Almost without exception it is the light. Whether landscapes, animals, water, or flowers, I’m drawn to every aspect of light.  The nuanced colors of reflected light (especially on white), the drama of backlighting, the glow of sunlight shining through translucent flower petals or waves, and even the interesting shapes of cast shadows … all inspire my oil paintings. 

My deepest hope is that my paintings inspire you and bring you a sense of peace. 

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