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I have always loved pretty rocks and sparkly things, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I discovered jewelry making. As a mom with three young children at home and a traveling husband, learning new techniques and making jewelry began as an exercise in sanity that has evolved into a passion. 


Predominantly self-taught, my two mediums of choice are wire wrapping and bead embroidery. While quite different in style, they both allow me to highlight my love of semi-precious stones and crystals. Each stone cabochon used in my jewelry is ethically sourced from individual lapidary artists, so purchasing a Cinnabar Designs item supports at least two artists if not more! 


I love the way each stone has its own unique shape, pattern and color. It reminds me of people and all of our own different characteristics that make us unique and interesting and beautiful. I spend hours weaving or beading each piece by hand to produce unique, one of a kind pieces that showcase that beauty and bring joy to their recipients.

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